ALTA Surveys

A large part of commercial sale , redevelopment or refinance is the ALTA Survey. A comprehensive detailed map of the subject property is prepared in conjunction with the Title Commitment, provided by a title company. Aspen Survey Company, Inc. recognizes the importance of the ALTA Survey as it relates to the needs of developers, buyers and sellers.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys, often used for agricultural or metropolitan development are prepared to the design team’s specifications. This includes locating above ground and underground improvements. All site topographies are provided in formats that are usable by the design team.

Construction Staking

Large or small, the Aspen Survey Company, Inc. team will provide accurate staking for your project. We work closely with contractors to provide the services needed to help complete your project on time and on budget.


Using modern state of the art land surveying equipment, the Aspen Survey Company, Inc. team can tackle your boundary locations, lot line adjustments or property line surveys. Orchard surveys, easement surveys or bathymetric soundings. The Aspen Survey Company, Inc. team will work for you.

Subdivision / Parcel Maps / Condominium Plans

The Aspen Survey Company, Inc. Team will assist you with all your land subdivision needs. We prepare Subdivisions, Parcel Maps and Condominium Plans from the tentative application submittal to the final recorded product. We will work closely with you, the land owner or developer, to create the Subdivision, Parcel Map, or Condominium Plan that fits your needs.